Wednesday, 31 August 2016

How to Choose a Domain Name that can help to Promote Your Business

When you are launching a new business website or your personal blog post, be careful while choosing the domain name. The domain name has to be somewhat unique, powerful, and SEO-friendly. The success of your website will depend a lot upon the domain name you choose. Let’s contemplate on what we should consider while choosing a domain name.
Company job profile: The domain name should signify the work profile of your company so that audience can understand they are going to visit the right website that provides the kind of products and services they are looking for.
Brand Name: If the domain name includes your brand name, it will be easy for audience to understand which company the website belongs to. As you can see every Microsoft website has its brand name included in its domain name. The domain name will be utilised in e-mail ids of your employees, so if you include brand name in the website address, the e-mail ids will look professional.
Powerful name: A powerful website name sticks in the minds of people for a longer time. When audience knows the website with a great name they will be able to easily type in the website name and get onto your website.
SEO friendly: You can make your website name SEO-friendly by using a popular keyword. This will help Google and other search engines to find your website and display it on top positions in result pages. When audiences find your website on top position on search the engine result pages, they are more likely to visit your website and buy products and services from your company.
Unique name: Your domain name has to be unique, because the hosting service will not allow you to copy other brands’ domain name, even if the chosen name is very powerful or SEO friendly. When you enter a domain name on the hosting provider’s website during registration, the website will inform you whether the selected domain name is available or not. However, if you are eager to use the same powerful name, you can add a keyword to differentiate your website name from others. You can also try by using some other extension code. For example if a website already exists with .com extension, you can use the same website name with .net, .org, .biz, .uk, or other extensions.
Keep It Original: Always try to use an original website name that should not match with any other company’s domain name. First benefit is you will prevent your customers from being confused. Second benefit is you will have entirely separate identity on web from your competitors. So, there is no chance that your customers may move to your competitor’s website and you lose your business to your competitor.
Keep it short: Do not use too lengthy website names. It will be difficult for audience to remember your website name if it is lengthy. A short and sweet name is easy to remember. It will also be easier for you to promote your short website name through variety of mediums.
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Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Things to Check to Avoid Down Time

If you have taken hosting service from a reputed provider and still face downtime problems at some instants, you can try to fix this on your own before you call to the tech support team. With many hosting plans, you can customize your data storage, RAM capacity, bandwidth, and other hosting features according to your requirements that vary from time to time. You need to check if they are appropriately configured according to your current requirement. Here is how do you check various hosting components to eliminate the down time.

Check data storage availability:

With time, your web server stores many temp files and data. The size of your database, amount of log file, and e-mail archives also grow to an unprecedented level. This covers maximum part of data storage space. With less space available, websites are not able to function properly and you get an error message. So, it is necessary to check data storage space periodically and to add memory space whenever required.

Check CPU usage and leaps:

Excessive load on server CPU degrades performance of websites. So, it becomes necessary to check CPU loads at certain intervals. Sometimes you may see 100% CPU usage, this doesn’t positively indicate that CPU is overloaded. You can analyze the leaps of the CPU load. If you find large leaps, this means that there are some processes that are making excessive use of CPU. In such a scenario, you need to switch over to higher hosting features or package, if you do not want to eliminate some programs.

Access Your Website from Multiple Locations:

Sometimes datacenters, Internet providers, and even whole region can be affected by poor Internet connectivity. So, you might not be able to access your website from a certain location; but you might be able to access the website from other locations. This means that problem is with network, and not with web server. 

Today when companies require 24 hours non-stop interaction with consumers, and downtime for even five minutes can result in huge loss, it is necessary to avoid down time as much as possible. If you are looking for an established hosting provider so that you do not have to face any downtime, visit . Here you can check domain name availability UK and register a new domain within minutes.

Monday, 8 August 2016

4UKHost - Best Web Hosting Company at the Most Affordable Prices

When you want to put your personal or company website live, you must take services of a professional Hosting provider so that you get top grade hosting features. Remember your selection of a hosting service will determine two basic and major functionalities of your website, which include the performance of your website and web server uptime. Whatever is the nature of your business, you would not like slow loading websites, some website features not working, and server unavailable message.

4UKHost is one of the best hosting companies in UK that offers a large number of latest web hosting features, beyond basic hosting requirements. The company offers four major hosting packages, which are suitable for different type clients. The packages are as follows:
Shared Hosting: In this package, a client’s website has to share server space with other websites. As this package is economical, it could be the best choice for many clients. 4UKHost offers four different plans under this package, in which the least charge plan is available at £0.00/month with a small set-up fee.  

Value VPS: When you need lots of flexibility to manage or upgrade your website, plus lower price advantage of shared hosting, the value VPS package is ideal for you. You can run your own instances or server applications such as MySQL, PHP, and Apache. The least charge plan available at £13.96/mo under this package provides you 2GB RAM and 100 GB HDD.
SSD VPS: The package provides you all the flexibility and lower price advantage of VPS along with higher RAM and Hard Disk capacity. Its least charge plan available at £39.66/mo offers 8 GB RAM, and 20 GB SSD Storage Space. 

Dedicated Servers: The Company will provide you a complete independent server dedicated to all your hosting requirements. The least charged plan is available at £54.99/mo offering 32 GB RAM and 2 * 2000 GB HDD Storage Space. ‘4UKHost’ is famous for its dedicated hosting at affordable prices in UK.

Why choose    

99% Network uptime guarantee: On the account of its state-of-the-art IT infrastructure, the company provides 99% server uptime guarantee. 

Free Domain Names: According to package and plan you choose, you can setup one or multiple domain names. You also get many free sub-domains.

Unlimited Network Transfer: With every plan of 4UKHost, you get the advantage of unlimited network transfer.

Control Panel: With control panel, you can customise hosting features such as emails and data storage according to your fluctuating requirements. This helps you to save hosting expenses.

Free setup & 24 Hours Tech Support: With almost every hosting plan, you get free setup. Round the clock technical support is available to assist you in any technical problem you may come across. 

4UKHost offers many other hosting service advantages that include heightened security, faster loading websites, easy upgrade options with no downtime, single click software installers, and your own choice of operating system. If you do not like any plan within 30 days of subscription, you can cancel the plan and get full refund. To know which service package and plan will best suit your requirements, get in touch with company representatives at