Thursday, 23 June 2016

Getting To Know More about Dedicated Servers Hosting in UK

Found in a data centre, a dedicated server is a server operating system-running computer that is used for effective website hosting. Most often than not, clients owning a website that runs in a dedicated hosting server pay a fee monthly or yearly corresponding to the technical support, power systems, bandwidth, infrastructure and other features that are included in the service of the company owning the server.
Benefits of a Dedicated Server

This server is advantageous to clients who would like to host their websites with priority support from the server team. Unlike shared hosting, a dedicated server holding many websites is cost effective and, at most times, cheaper. Most dedicated servers can host unlimited websites without facing any technical problems. In addition, a dedicated hosting server is able to run a web application that is written in various programming languages, such as PHP.

Types of Dedicated Server

There are three kinds of servers that hosting companies offer. These include managed servers, semi-managed servers and unmanaged servers. The major difference between these servers is the amount of support that is given by the company. In particular, managed servers come with system backups, software patches, operating system updates and the like for the client's website.

Semi-managed servers usually perform the first rounds of system updates and provide assistance to the clients. On the other hand, unmanaged dedicated typed servers do not provide system updates. Instead, the client is the one who should initiate these updates but the service provider will still be assisting the client if there is any problem related to the server.

Dedicated Server and Shared Hosting

Shared hosting can involve limited performance when hosting and updating websites and applications. Because this involves many websites sharing one server, bandwidth problems are very common thus leading to poor performance of websites. However, a dedicated hosted server gives you all the authority you need to manage and enhance your very own website. Your access permissions are full, so you can install or uninstall software, embed or remove web applications, configure and manage firewalls, and many other activities.

Opting for a Dedicated Server Provider

First, you might have to face problems on Internet bandwidth as well as monitoring the whole server. Second, power systems would be a major problem. You'll need generators in order to protect your server against power outrages, and as we all know, generators cost! Third, you won't have an instant group of professional that act as a support team for your server 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Also, did you know that you'll need to have multiple lines of fiber optic on the Internet backbone for your server to work?
These lines cost more than you think which makes it pretty expensive. But all of these factors and more are nothing to worry about if you opt for the best dedicated server provider out there. Out of these factors, support is the most important thing you should worry about because servers, no matter how tough they may look, can be down any time of the day. And without a professional support team from a reputed dedicated server company, server breakdowns are to be expected.

There are many reasons why you should not run your own server at your home or office and get help from a reputable provider. If you do a little digging it won't be too difficult to find the good quality hosting company offering the best dedicated server or at least one at great value. Check out this hosting company to get an idea on dedicated server prices.

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