Tuesday, 1 December 2015

You Want to Try Various Content Marketing Strategies to Increase Traffic to Your Website. What Type of Hosting Service You Need?

By selecting a suitable hosting service, you get a lot of flexibility and ability to make your blog posts popular. You can add sharing tools to your blog posts, insert pictures, use attractive templates and themes, and customise your blog pages to make them most popular. With paid web hosting services, you can execute all kinds of content marketing strategies. You can create links of your blog posts on popular platforms, share your blogs on social media portals, create contact forms, add Youtube videos, insert google maps, format your content, mark headings and sub-headings, and do much more. Next pertaining question is what type of web-hosting service you would require to host your blogging sites and practise different content marketing strategies.

Let us have a look on different web hosting options we have to run content marketing operations and the success rate of each option.

Free blogging service: You can post your blogs and articles on a large number of hosting blog UK sites offering free services. Some popular blogging platforms are Wordpress, Blog.com, Blogger, Weebly, Live Journal, and Square Space among many.

Blogging sites on Shared servers: You can host your free blogging sites on shared servers and get many more authorities to make your blogs posts appealing, SEO friendly, and popular among web community. With paid hosting service, you get authority to use programming applications such as PHP, MySQL and Perl to update your website according to SEO guidelines and current trends. You can take advantage of fast SSD Hosting. You can customise your website in any way you want.

Blogging experience on VPS and Dedicated servers: On VPS and Dedicated servers, you get multiple times enhanced flexibility and authority to customise and upgrade your websites. You get total control over the server system. You can install, uninstall, and run any program you need. As you get independent environment with VPS and Dedicated server, you get more secure environment on these servers. As most of the companies offer free 24/7 support, you will not experience any technical issue while customising your website.

Where to find affordable hosting service for Content Marketing?   

If you are looking for affordable hosting service to host your blogging sites, no provider can be better than 4UKHost.uk, a provider offering advanced hosting features. 4UKHost has a large range of plans within every hosting category. The provider also offers free web hosting service for personal websites and blogging sites. Whatever part of the globe you are located, you can take services of 4UKHost.uk

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

How E-Commerce Website Hosting is Different from a Typical Web Hosting Service?

In this age of Internet when everything is feasible online, business companies are trying to take advantage of this popular communication medium. E-commerce website has paved the way for marketing companies to sell their products and services online. The concept of online marketing has gained huge popularity in the last few years, because it is beneficial for both sellers and customers. Different types of companies can sell various kinds of products and services online through e-commerce websites. For example, you can sell phones, laptops, music CDs, costumes, furniture, shoes, jewelleries, food products and various other items. The convenience for customers is they do not have to visit market stores to buy any kind of product they need. People can receive purchased items directly to their homes.

When you are thinking of launching an e-commerce website, you must understand what kind of hosting service would be right for you and what hosting features you would require.

Dedicated Hosting is best for E-commerce websites:
To launch a website, you have many hosting options such as Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting, and Dedicated Hosting. In case of e-commerce websites, the best web-hosting option is Dedicated servers. With Dedicated Hosting, you not only get an independent operating platform but also an entirely independent physical server, which is not shared with any other client. Therefore, you get complete authority over the server and flexibility to use it for your own website and online marketing activities. With a Dedicated server, you get many advanced hosting and security features, which are essential for your e-commerce website. Below is the list of such advantageous features.

Maximum uptime: With Dedicated servers, you are in better position to get maximum uptime, as the physical server is not shared with any other third party. In e-commerce, website uptime is the most valuable factor. If your website is not loading, you will lose many valuable customers and therefore revenues.
Enhanced security: As Dedicated servers are completely independent in all respects, the servers are more secure than any other kind of web hosting. Moreover, with dedicated hosting, you are eligible to install SSL security and receive the security certification to offer a trusted and secure online transaction platform to your audience.

Easy installation of e-commerce apps: Dedicated servers provide you authority and flexibility to run and install any kind of e-commerce application you require for your online business. For example, you can install shopping cart, price calculator, payment gateways and various other e-commerce tools.

Easy website upgrade and maintenance: On a dedicated server, you can run sophisticated programming languages such as PHP, Perl, Javascript, MySQL, and others to maintain and upgrade your website.
When you take domain hosting UK service from a top tier provider such as 4UKHost.uk, you get a large range of advanced hosting features and effective tools to manage those features easily. Beyond these, a robust technical team is always available to sort out your issues and fix them right away.

Monday, 16 November 2015

Social Networking Platforms You can Use to Promote Your Business

When it comes to promoting business to a larger audience, no company can ignore the importance of the social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Linkedin, Tumblr and Flickr. These web platforms have millions of users that speak about their popularity. So, the companies need to be active on these channels to propagate their offerings among people. Every social media platform has unique characteristics and companies can make use of those features to earn popularity and promote their businesses. To make optimum use of every social media platform, you need to know about unique features of every platform. Let’s have a look on how we can promote businesses on different social media platforms.

Twitter: Twitter is one of the most popular social platforms. Every leading company has its profile on Twitter. Using Twitter can help you to get more attention from audience and receive higher click through rates (CTR). Engage with your audience by replying to their tweets and resolving their queries. This will help you to gain high number of followers on this platform. Use hash tags at appropriate places to enhance the sharing and visibility of your posted contents. Adding images and videos to your twitter posts make the posts popular among audience and encourage sharing of the posts. Follow everyone who follows you and even try to follow them whom you do not know. Keep a consistent watch on Trending feature that informs about your popularity on Twitter.

Facebook: You can estimate the popularity of this platform by looking at its more than one billion users. Though paid advertising is a quick and efficient way to promote your business among huge user base of the popular platform, you can apply some witty tricks too. Facebook allows you to create events and invite people to join the events. This is a great way to popularise your brand. You can post interesting information and news related to your products and services, and make the posts more interesting by adding images and videos. You can tag and mention other people to make your facebook posts more popular.       

YouTube: Why go through text information when you can watch videos on the same topic? This is the key to popularity of YouTube. To post your company videos on YouTube, you can create a channel in the name of your company. You do not have to pay any fees to Youtube but spend some time on it. Choose a SEO based title for your video using a popular keyword for it. To write a SEO based description, you can use one or two keywords. Do not stuff too many keywords or it will have adverse effects. Create a link in the description and connect the link with your main website. Share your videos on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms. Choose a UK hosting service that allows you to post the YouTube videos on your main website. 

As you will search on Internet, you will find a large number of social networking platforms. You may not be having sufficient time to post and promote your business on every social platform, but you must not ignore the popular platforms which have become part of people’s every day life. Hosting service from a good provider helps you to connect your website with leading social networking platforms. Visit www.4UKHost.uk for a large range of hosting options including Dedicated Linux hosting, VPS, and shared hosting. 

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Start Your Own Hosting Business and Earn Huge Profits

If you want to start your own website hosting business and earn huge profits, you can do this by subscribing for hosting service provided by 4UKHost.Web Hosting provides you enormous data space to host thousands of websites on a number of physical servers. You can sell the hosting space taken from the parent company under your own brand name to your own clients. In this way, you can start the web hosting business.

Advantages of 4UKHost Web Hosting Service:

Wholesale Price: When you take webhosting service from 4UKHost, you get unlimited data-space and unlimited bandwidth at wholesale rate coming at very cheap price to you.

Host all Your Online Resources and Websites: You might have a requirement to launch multiple websites for your company. With web hosting UK service, you can host all your websites and web-resources within one service package. web hosting is very beneficial for smaller agency clients do not have to invest on buying different hosting packages and they can provide online space to all their websites and web-resources at very cheap price.

Complete Control: You get complete control over available space and bandwidth. You can choose which client to assign how much bandwidth and space; and when to activate, deactivate, or change the hosting configurations. You can manage hosting accounts, service allocations, and hosting features on the interactive interface of Control Panel provided by 4UKHost.

Big margins & Huge Profits: After taking webhosting services at wholesale price from 4UKHost, you can sell the services to individual clients and companies with a high margin, resulting in huge profit for you.

No establishment or Maintenance Cost: By subscribing for 4UKHost web hosting service, you are able to use the hosting infrastructure of 4UKHost. So, you are relieved from investing in physical servers, UPS systems, management of equipment, and hiring employees.

Use 24Hours Technical Support by 4UKHost: You can use 24 hours available technical support provided by 4UKHost for your own consumers. You can resolve the technical issues experienced by your clients after taking technical support from us.

Security & Flexibility: As 4UKHost offers Linux based web-hosting services, you can provide your clients the secure and flexible features of Linux platform such as mulch-tasking, no virus infection, and no spyware attack. You are flexible to provide Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting, or Linux dedicated hosting to your clients according to their hosting requirements.

So, if you are enthusiastic to start your own web hosting business, 4UKHost.uk is the right company to choose because it provides web hosting services at very cheap prices along with many advanced hosting features. 4UKHost web-hosting service is also beneficial for large sized companies and conglomerates that have a large number of websites and web-resources to put online.

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Know about Domain Name Registration Process

Whenever you want to launch a website with the help of a web hosting service provider, you have to choose a domain name for your website which becomes the URL address of your website. You need to choose a domain name very carefully as it is going to play a vital role in success of your website, ranking, and position of your website on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). This blog aims to provide you with sufficient information about the Domain Name Registration process. 

Why choose Unique Domain Names?   

When choosing a domain name for your website, you must choose a unique domain name because the same domain names are not allowed. When you enter a domain name on the website of a hosting provider, the website connects with the server of ICANN to verify if the entered domain name already exists. If the entered domain name with selected extension already exists, you cannot register that domain name with the selected extension.

What is ICANN?

ICANN standing for ‘Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers’, is a non profit organisation that keeps records of registered domain names through several databases.

How web hosting service providers allow you to register domain names?

Web hosting service providers allow you to register domain names because they have received accreditation from ICANN or domain name registries to offer website registration service to the public.

Process of Domain Name Transfer:

When you want to transfer a domain name from one domain registrar to a new domain registrar, you will have to follow the below mentioned process.

  1. Your personal information including e-mail id available to the existing registrar should be correct and updated.
  2. Retrieve the UDAI transfer code or authentication code from the current registrar.
  3. To register the domain name with new registrar, you need to apply through a standardized form of authorization. You can also apply through mail by using the same e-mail id which is registered with the old registrar. You also need to provide authentication code to the new registrar.
  4. The old registrar will contact the registered user to confirm that the user wants to transfer the domain to another registrar. 
  5. The new registrar can register your domain name only when the old registrar gives the authority to the new registrar. 
  6. You can update domain server information while registering with the new registrar or continue with existing information.

If you want to register a unique domain name for your website, check domain availability United Kingdom online, or want to transfer domain name, please visit www.4ukhost.uk. ‘4UKHost’ is a leading web hosting service provider in UK offering all kinds of advanced hosting services at the most affordable prices to worldwide clients.  Its Linux based hosting services include free hosting shared Hosting, hosting Virtual Private Servers, SSD hosting, and dedicated server hosting.

Monday, 14 September 2015

When you should think to upgrade your shared hosting plan?

Though Shared Hosting is a cheaper option to host your website in comparison to Virtual Private server or dedicated server hosting, times will come when you have to upgrade your shared hosting plan because of increased hosting requirements. In Shared hosting, you share the server space with many other websites so you have to incur a lesser cost. However, there are many limitations with Shared Hosting plans; for example you get limited bandwidth, limited memory space, and limited number of applications to run. A time may come when your website will require more support from your server and you have to think to switch from Shared Hosting to an upgraded hosting plan.

Here are some situations when you have to think to upgrade Shared Hosting.

Excessive Traffic: As your website popularity will grow and more number of visitors will start visiting your website, the website will consume more bandwidth. When the website will start consuming more bandwidth than allocated bandwidth, your website will no longer function properly, the website will slow down and many of its features may not work at all. This is the time when you have to switch from Shared Hosting to either a VPS or Dedicated server plan.

Upgrading website: When you have a need to upgrade or customize your website, you will require more authorities which will come with an upgraded plan of VPS or Dedicated Hosting. With an upgraded plan, you can use more plug-ins, add new features, and run sophisticated applications such as MySQL, PHP, Perl, and Java scripts.

SSL Certificate: You can install SSL certificate on your website to make it more reliable and secure. In order to install SSL certificate, you would require a dedicated IP address, which comes with upgraded plans.

Security: If you want to make you website secure from unknown hackers and spammers, you would need an independent working environment which is available with only VPS Hosting or Dedicated Hosting. Shared Hosting is not as secure because you share the same server with many other websites. 

Boost the Performance of website: If your website is slow performing with shared hosting, you can boost the performance of your website by upgrading the hosting plan.

When choosing between Virtual Private Server and Dedicated Hosting, you should carefully take your enhanced hosting requirements into account. In some cases, Dedicated Hosting is the best option for you. So, you must consult with hosting provider regarding which hosting package is right for you. For UK SSD Hosting, Best VPS Hosting UK, and best dedicated hosting plans, please visit 4UKHost.UK  ‘4UKHost’ offers many advanced hosting features with every hosting plan to its worldwide clients.

Monday, 20 July 2015

So many renowned Hosting Providers are available, then why choose ‘4UKHost’?

In the field of web hosting services, some companies such as GoDaddy and HostGator have earned huge popularity. However, people are not aware of some other companies that also provide top quality web hosting services. 4UKHost.co.uk is one such web hosting provider that offers a large range of hosting options with many great and advanced features. 4UKHost offers unparallel webhosting services in terms of multitude of advanced features and affordable charges. Now the question is how 4UKHost could be better option than GoDaddy, HostGator, and other reputed hosting providers.

4UKHost Vs Others: Key Advantages

Same features: You can get the same or more hosting features with 4UKHost than you can get with other reputed hosting providers. Some top features of ‘4UKHost’ include unlimited domains, unlimited e-mail accounts, unlimited bandwidth and superfast SSD data storage, together with a high speed network.

Customised Webhosting Packages: The customised web hosting packages offered by ‘4UKHost’ are designed to meet requirements of different clients ranging from individuals, small businesses to medium enterprises. We offer Shared Hosting, Value VPS, SSD VPS, and Dedicated Server hosting UK. You will hardly find such a broad range of customised web hosting packages offered by any other provider.

Unlimited Hosting Plans: 4UKHost offers a wide range of hosting plans for any business website. After you are able to decide whether you need shared hosting, virtual server, or dedicated hosting, you can choose a hosting plan by taking every petite requirement into account. Other providers will not provide you so many options to choose a hosting plan according to your specific needs.

Scalable: At any moment, you want to upgrade to a higher hosting plan or service package, you can do it easily with 4UKHost. The upgrade charges are affordable with 4UKHost than that with other hosting providers.

Affordable: You can compare charges of 4UKHost service packages and plans with similar plans and packages offered by other providers, I bet that you will find 4UKHost services more cost-effective as you get more features at a value for money.

So, when you are able to get the same top quality of hosting services at more affordable prices, then why not choose 4UKHost.co.uk, the Best Web Hosting Company and save money. The company provides set up assistance and 24 hours available technical support. We are capable of providing hosting services to offshore clients without any hassle. High satisfaction level of our existing clients speaks about our efficient hosting services. More than 99% uptime is guaranteed. We offer 30 days money back guarantee, if you are not satisfied with our services. Visit https://www.4ukhost.uk/contact.php and let us know your hosting requirements.