Tuesday, 24 November 2015

How E-Commerce Website Hosting is Different from a Typical Web Hosting Service?

In this age of Internet when everything is feasible online, business companies are trying to take advantage of this popular communication medium. E-commerce website has paved the way for marketing companies to sell their products and services online. The concept of online marketing has gained huge popularity in the last few years, because it is beneficial for both sellers and customers. Different types of companies can sell various kinds of products and services online through e-commerce websites. For example, you can sell phones, laptops, music CDs, costumes, furniture, shoes, jewelleries, food products and various other items. The convenience for customers is they do not have to visit market stores to buy any kind of product they need. People can receive purchased items directly to their homes.

When you are thinking of launching an e-commerce website, you must understand what kind of hosting service would be right for you and what hosting features you would require.

Dedicated Hosting is best for E-commerce websites:
To launch a website, you have many hosting options such as Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting, and Dedicated Hosting. In case of e-commerce websites, the best web-hosting option is Dedicated servers. With Dedicated Hosting, you not only get an independent operating platform but also an entirely independent physical server, which is not shared with any other client. Therefore, you get complete authority over the server and flexibility to use it for your own website and online marketing activities. With a Dedicated server, you get many advanced hosting and security features, which are essential for your e-commerce website. Below is the list of such advantageous features.

Maximum uptime: With Dedicated servers, you are in better position to get maximum uptime, as the physical server is not shared with any other third party. In e-commerce, website uptime is the most valuable factor. If your website is not loading, you will lose many valuable customers and therefore revenues.
Enhanced security: As Dedicated servers are completely independent in all respects, the servers are more secure than any other kind of web hosting. Moreover, with dedicated hosting, you are eligible to install SSL security and receive the security certification to offer a trusted and secure online transaction platform to your audience.

Easy installation of e-commerce apps: Dedicated servers provide you authority and flexibility to run and install any kind of e-commerce application you require for your online business. For example, you can install shopping cart, price calculator, payment gateways and various other e-commerce tools.

Easy website upgrade and maintenance: On a dedicated server, you can run sophisticated programming languages such as PHP, Perl, Javascript, MySQL, and others to maintain and upgrade your website.
When you take domain hosting UK service from a top tier provider such as 4UKHost.uk, you get a large range of advanced hosting features and effective tools to manage those features easily. Beyond these, a robust technical team is always available to sort out your issues and fix them right away.

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