Wednesday, 31 August 2016

How to Choose a Domain Name that can help to Promote Your Business

When you are launching a new business website or your personal blog post, be careful while choosing the domain name. The domain name has to be somewhat unique, powerful, and SEO-friendly. The success of your website will depend a lot upon the domain name you choose. Let’s contemplate on what we should consider while choosing a domain name.
Company job profile: The domain name should signify the work profile of your company so that audience can understand they are going to visit the right website that provides the kind of products and services they are looking for.
Brand Name: If the domain name includes your brand name, it will be easy for audience to understand which company the website belongs to. As you can see every Microsoft website has its brand name included in its domain name. The domain name will be utilised in e-mail ids of your employees, so if you include brand name in the website address, the e-mail ids will look professional.
Powerful name: A powerful website name sticks in the minds of people for a longer time. When audience knows the website with a great name they will be able to easily type in the website name and get onto your website.
SEO friendly: You can make your website name SEO-friendly by using a popular keyword. This will help Google and other search engines to find your website and display it on top positions in result pages. When audiences find your website on top position on search the engine result pages, they are more likely to visit your website and buy products and services from your company.
Unique name: Your domain name has to be unique, because the hosting service will not allow you to copy other brands’ domain name, even if the chosen name is very powerful or SEO friendly. When you enter a domain name on the hosting provider’s website during registration, the website will inform you whether the selected domain name is available or not. However, if you are eager to use the same powerful name, you can add a keyword to differentiate your website name from others. You can also try by using some other extension code. For example if a website already exists with .com extension, you can use the same website name with .net, .org, .biz, .uk, or other extensions.
Keep It Original: Always try to use an original website name that should not match with any other company’s domain name. First benefit is you will prevent your customers from being confused. Second benefit is you will have entirely separate identity on web from your competitors. So, there is no chance that your customers may move to your competitor’s website and you lose your business to your competitor.
Keep it short: Do not use too lengthy website names. It will be difficult for audience to remember your website name if it is lengthy. A short and sweet name is easy to remember. It will also be easier for you to promote your short website name through variety of mediums.
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