Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Things to Check to Avoid Down Time

If you have taken hosting service from a reputed provider and still face downtime problems at some instants, you can try to fix this on your own before you call to the tech support team. With many hosting plans, you can customize your data storage, RAM capacity, bandwidth, and other hosting features according to your requirements that vary from time to time. You need to check if they are appropriately configured according to your current requirement. Here is how do you check various hosting components to eliminate the down time.

Check data storage availability:

With time, your web server stores many temp files and data. The size of your database, amount of log file, and e-mail archives also grow to an unprecedented level. This covers maximum part of data storage space. With less space available, websites are not able to function properly and you get an error message. So, it is necessary to check data storage space periodically and to add memory space whenever required.

Check CPU usage and leaps:

Excessive load on server CPU degrades performance of websites. So, it becomes necessary to check CPU loads at certain intervals. Sometimes you may see 100% CPU usage, this doesn’t positively indicate that CPU is overloaded. You can analyze the leaps of the CPU load. If you find large leaps, this means that there are some processes that are making excessive use of CPU. In such a scenario, you need to switch over to higher hosting features or package, if you do not want to eliminate some programs.

Access Your Website from Multiple Locations:

Sometimes datacenters, Internet providers, and even whole region can be affected by poor Internet connectivity. So, you might not be able to access your website from a certain location; but you might be able to access the website from other locations. This means that problem is with network, and not with web server. 

Today when companies require 24 hours non-stop interaction with consumers, and downtime for even five minutes can result in huge loss, it is necessary to avoid down time as much as possible. If you are looking for an established hosting provider so that you do not have to face any downtime, visit . Here you can check domain name availability UK and register a new domain within minutes.

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